Thursday, 2 October 2014

Learning about Batteries and Circuits

This week, I have been busy wiring up a bulb holder for the first time!  It was very interesting and I learned a lot.

On the weekend, my Mumsister and I went looking for batteries, flex, copper wire, bulbs, bulb holder, and a horseshoe magnet.

When we found them, we came home and my Mum and I started looking in a book we have, The KnowHow Book of Batteries and Magnets.
We chose to start off by wiring up our bulb holder.  First, my Mum and I put the batteries in the battery holder.

Next, we loosened the screws on the bulb holder.  While we were doing that, I learned about the difference between Philip head screwdrivers and Flat head Screwdrivers.
Once we unscrewed the bulb holder screws, we had to strip the flex.  It took me a few times to get the hang but after a while, I finally got it.  We next twisted the wire bit of the flex around so that it would all stay together, then we made a hook shape with it and hooked it around the screw.  We screwed the screw on tightly with our Philip head screwdriver.
Finally, we put the bulb in and, Voila!  The bulb lit up!!


  1. Nice work, sci eye girl! I sometimes mess up on stripping those ends, too. I really like the name and design of your blog!

  2. Hi Elise! This brought back memories fro me as a girl my Dad would buy me the electronic kits at Radio Shack, and we would do a lot with circuits. I learned about transponders and transducers. It is all very exciting and so interesting. My brother and sister and I were lucky to have a dad who was an engineer and he gave us these teachings and it was such a good thing to learn about to help with our whole lives! I hope you keep on loving science! I became a nurse because I loved how the human body worked! It is just amazing! Nice start to your blog! Good luck!